Exclusive: A deep dive into Fargo's newest committee, and how it'll effect you

Photo by: Fargo Police Department - Facebook
Photo by: Fargo Police Department - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- Changes are coming, at least to how the Fargo Police Department communicates with the community.

After a 3-2 vote last week, the Fargo City Commission approved the City's newest board, the Police and Advisory Committee, to be created.

So, just how will this board work? Fargo Police Chief Dave Zibolski says the committee, which will consist of seven community members, will hold sessions that will allow residents to have direct contact with law enforcement. The meetings will also allow community members to respond to certain responses Fargo PD respond to, and allow them to gather more information on why certain situations are handled in the ways they are.

Chief Zibolksi says the move is sorely needed in the area, and that it will only continue to connect the Police Department to the community as the relationship between law enforcement and the people they are sworn to protect continues to take hits nation-wide.

The board is expected to be seated by sometime early in 2022.

Original Air Date: 
Monday, December 6, 2021