West Fargo City Commission to Hold special Assessment Public Hearing Tuesday

(West Fargo, ND) -- The West Fargo City Commission will hold a special assessment public hearing at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, September 7th, in the Commission Chambers of West Fargo City Hall. During this meeting, the West Fargo City Commission will review the following projects that are being wholly or partially funded through special assessments.

Those include:

  • District No. 1321 – The Wilds 11th Addition
  • District No. 1322 – Eaglewood 7th Addition
  • District No. 1323 – Brooks Harbor 9th Addition
  • District No. 1325 – Oak Ridge 18th Addition
  • District No. 1329 – Eagle Run 9th Addition
  • District No. 2254 – Eagle Ridge Plaza 6th Addition
  • District No. 4063 – Storm Sewer Improvements for The Wilds South

The public hearing is limited to hearing appeals only for the above improvement districts. Improvement district No. 2250, the street improvement district for the reconstruction of Sheyenne Street from Beaton Drive to 40th Avenue W., was paused during the Monday, August 2nd West Fargo City Commission meeting. For details on actions on this district, visit the District No. 2250 alert page.  

Individuals with property within the improvement district who object to the allocations have an opportunity to file a written appeal for this meeting. Those who do submit a written appeal are able to present their appeal during the West Fargo City Commission public hearing on the matter.

To file an appeal, a property owner must submit their appeal in writing to Tina Fisk, City Administrator (auditoratwestfargond [dot] gov or Attn: Special Assessment Protest, 800 4th Ave. E., Suite 1, West Fargo, ND 58078). The appeal must be in writing and include the names of all owners of the property, the property’s address and reference the improvement district being appealed. Only those who submit a written appeal are able to protest at the public hearing.

At the conclusion of the public hearing, the West Fargo City Commission may determine if additional steps are required to adjust the special assessment allocation or confirm the special assessment list as presented. If a landowner disagrees with the decision of the West Fargo City Commission, they may appeal to Cass County district court. Following the confirmation of the special assessment list, the amount due can be paid without interest for 10 days. After the 10 days, the balance due is subject to interest.

For more information on the projects listed above, click here.