Detective Brent Malone, we salute you!

Detective Brent Malone was hired by the department in July 2012. While Malone was on a patrol, he fine-tuned his investigative skills by seeking additional training as a crime scene investigator and in crash reconstruction.
Malone was also trained as a bike officer and is a crisis intervention trained officer. 
As a patrol officer, Malone was the recipient of the Life Saving Award and Purple Heart. 

In January 2017, Malone was selected to move to the Investigations Division and serve as a Property Crimes Detective.
Detective Malone has quickly become one of the most seasoned, and senior detectives in the Property Unit and serves as an excellent resource and mentor to his fellow detectives.
His supervisor has said, “Detective Malone is always willing to assist others with their cases and share his knowledge and experience to help them propel their cases forward.” 

Aside from helping new detectives, Detective Malone has managed a high case load.
So far in 2021, he has been assigned over 84 cases and has completed 402 supplements.
Detective Malone handles his cases with professionalism and determination.
He routinely follows up with officers with updates to their cases advising them when charges have been filed. 

Despite a high case load, Detective Malone is always willing to assist other detectives with their cases and offers to take on high priority cases.
Detective Malone has been the lead investigator on several arson cases as well as an aggravated assault case involving a stabbing.
Detective Malone’s investigation into these incidents are thorough and well documented which is important for our prosecutors. 

For these reasons, Detective Malone has been nominated to be recognized for Luther Family Ford and The Flag’s Salute to Law Enforcement Award.