Sanford Health Says 3,000 Employees are Exempt from COVID-19 Vaccine

(Fargo, ND) -- We're getting some clarity on just how many employees for one of Fargo's biggest employers are getting exemptions when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations.

Sanford Health has confirmed to WDAY Radio that around 3,000 employees have been granted the exemption from the vaccine mandate, which can be either for medical or religious purposes.

In all, the healthcare provider says roughly 91% of their 30,000 total employees have been vaccinated against the virus, though if that number does not include those that are already exempt, it could mean around 2400 staff members could be out of a job if they do not get vaccinated by the November 1st deadline.

The 3,000 employees that are exempt from getting the shot will still be required however to undergo weekly COVID testing.