Fargo UAW Supports National John Deere Strike

(Fargo, ND) -- The United Auto Workers Union in Fargo, ND, is voicing their approval for strikers in a nationwide protest against John Deere. 

"Local 2525 supports the John Deere Strike", said incoming Vice President of Fargo UAW Jill Olson

The support was detailed by several members of the Fargo union chapter, who say national companies pay attention to successful strikes like this one. In this case, the strikers are fighting for several issues, not just pay. 

"They wanted the employees to pay for more of their insurance premiums for one. They wanted to take pensions away from new hired employees. It sounds like their wages that [John Deere] were going to increase were minimal at best", said Recording Secretary of UAW 2525 Steve Allard, "They made billions of dollars over the course of the last two years and they pretty much offered UAW nothing."

The strike is being run by 10,000 John Deere employees and is spread over 14 locations across the United States. Fargo's John Deere locations are not participating in the strike.