North Dakota to create new database for missing people; project first proposed in 2019

(Bismarck, ND) -- North Dakota State Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem says a new database for missing people will enhance the chances of law enforcement officers finding people who may be missing or have been murdered.

“What this will do it will be used to enable local law enforcement to take reports of missing persons whether on the reservation or in the counties and cities of North Dakota, enter it into the system so that the person who is missing, and we’ll be able to investigate from a law enforcement point of view,” said Stenehjem.

During the special session, the state legislature approved spending $300,000 in ARPA funding to pay for the new database.  The system is expected to be online in 6 to 8 months. 

The database will enable all law enforcement, including tribal officers, to upload information into a shared system.  Citizens will also be allowed to access the system so they can assist in searches.

The database project was first promoted by Fargo State Representative Ruth Buffalo back in 2019.