Governor Burgum touts funding package for North Dakota career academies

(Fargo, ND) -- Governor Doug Burgum is touting the funding package for career academies as one of the top accomplishments of the recently completed special session.  Burgum predicts 8 communities in North Dakota will be opening these academies in the future.   Burgum spoke about the topic while appearing on "What's on Your Mind" Tuesday morning, with Flag Family Radio's Scott Hennen. 

"This is part of the reason we know we are building things that people need is these are only going to get built if you've got companies that are actually hiring that are putting dollars into the academies.  So whether that is a Bobcat or a UAS company, oil field services company, or a hospital that is short on medical positions, these are the folks that are going to be providing those match dollars and the money is just lining up," said Burgum.  

The legislature set aside $80 million in state money, which is to be matched with $80 million from the private sector to fund the career academies.  Governor Burgum predicts the funding won't be enough and suggested the legislature will have to consider additional funding in the future.