Moorhead couple wants you to try crickets as a food source

Image by: WDAY Radio News staff
Image by: WDAY Radio News staff

(Moorhead, MN) -- A cricket farmer in Moorhead is hoping more people turn to eating the insects, which he says are a terrific source of protein.

Pat Revier and his wife Madeline launched their cricket farming operation back in January.  They now have a supply of about 1.2 million crickets waiting to be turned into flour.  

"I went down a Google rabbit hole is what I did.  I wanted to get back into farming and I spent some time looking on the internet and came across insect farming and stumbled upon crickets.  The more I learned about them the more it interested me," said Revier.   

They grow the bugs in a nondescript warehouse building on 14th Avenue South.  The flour can be used to make things like bread and cookies.  Crickets and other insects are considered a delicacy in some areas of Asia, and they're catching on in other parts of the west with high-performance athletes and eco-conscious vegetarians.  

People also feed crickets to pets.  They are also used as bait.  

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