Moorhead's 11 Street underpass project aims to relieve traffic congestion

(Moorhead, MN) -- A major road construction project in Moorhead will bring with it headaches for drivers but also brings the promise of long term benefits.

"So there will be a lot of excavation, a lot of retaining walls, two bridges with one of them having two tracks, and a lot of utility relocation and significant right-of-way acquisition as well," said Moorhead Assistant City Engineer Tom Trowbridge.    

Trowbridge said work on the 11 Street underpass project will begin in the Fall of 2024.  The project includes two bridges for railroad tracks which will allow traffic on 11 Street to travel under the rail lines, improving traffic flow on the street.  The project has been discussed by city officials since the 1970s.  The Minnesota legislature has already approved $65 million in funding for the project.  The final cost estimate ranges from $99 million to $115 million.