Federal funding for FM Diversion project completed with $437M appropriation

Image by: Metro Flood Diversion Authority
Image by: Metro Flood Diversion Authority

(Fargo, ND) -- The federal government has appropriated $437 million dollars in additional funding for the FM Diversion project.

"This is a flood resiliency project and it's intended to handle the large record floods that would otherwise basically destroy the regional community here, and we are talking Moorhead, Fargo, parts of West Fargo and Horace.  All of those communities are going to benefit, said Joel Paulsen, Executive Director of the Metro Flood Diversion Authority.

Paulsen says the funds are intended to finish construction of the Southern Embankment part of the project.  The money comes from the recent signing of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and completes the total federal government contribution of $750 million toward the project.  The total cost is currently estimated at $3.2 billion.

Construction is expected to be complete by sometime in 2027.