West Fargo parent shares frustrations with local childcare providers on The Jay Thomas Show

Courtesy of: ND Childcare
Courtesy of: ND Childcare

(West Fargo, ND) --  Local parents are venting their frustrations surrounding daycare providers in Fargo and West Fargo.

One parent joined The Jay Thomas Show to talk about his recent problems surrounding daycare providers closing due to poor weather conditions. He says providers may be 'jumping the gun', calling off services and sending children home too without just cause.

"I got to work just fine today, "said a caller named Nick, " This is in town, this isn't out of town. Out of town is terrible obviously, no ifs ands or buts about that - but in town, I got to work just fine today."

One critique echoed by multiple parents who joined the show was parents calling the business essential, but not living up to those expectations due to early closures. Nick added to his previous comments, saying "There are people who have to go to work. People need to do their jobs. I just think they need to try to figure out a way or some law needs to be passed where we can bring our kids to daycare no matter our conditions, because we need to be able to do our job too."

There was a response from local providers on The Jay Thomas Show. One provider named Michelle said "I don't believe that I as a childcare owner should be relying on someone else to chose if I close my business or not. I feel that it is a little bit lazy to let the school district make that decision, they have different factors involved. They don't want 1,200 kids stuck in a building because [the school] can't get [the kids] back home." 

 Nick says the cancelations impacts essential workers like hospital staff, an industry are already straining under the weight of staffing shortages other issues.