Grand Forks City Council approves development agreement for Fufeng Group processing plant

(Grand Forks, ND) -- The Grand Forks City Council has approved a development agreement for the Fufeng Group to build a $700 million corn processing plant in the city. 

"I very much appreciate all the discussions. We've run the gamut of interesting and very difficult topics to talk about and I appreciate that people are willing to open up, speak their minds," said City Council President Dana Sande.   

City Council President Dana Sande commented on the project Tuesday night before he and other council members voted 5 to 1 to keep the project moving forward. As it currently stands, early pre-construction work could begin in June. The site consists of 370 acres in Grand Forks' agribusiness park on the northeast end of the city. The plant comes with the promise of hundreds of jobs. Some people who oppose the plant point to security concerns with Fufeng's alleged ties to the Chinese Communist Party.