Parent announces run for Fargo School Board

Courtesy of: Kirstin Sharbono
Courtesy of: Kirstin Sharbono

(Fargo, ND) -- One parent is tossing her hat into the ring to attempt to become a member of the Fargo School Board. 

Fargo parent Kirstin Sharbono says she has become frustrated with the lack of cooperation in the district. She hopes focusing on student mental health will bring the common ground the school board lacks.

"I am encouraged by the current board recognizing that mental health is an issue that needs to be addressed," said Sharbono, "I have a lot of experience to offer in this area."

Sharbono has distinct criticisms of the Fargo School Board. One keynote on her website is what she calls "Creating students who are being taught opinions as if they are facts."

"Curriculum needs to be reevaluated and more transparency needs to be provided to parents and the public about what is being taught in school," detailed Sharbono, "Some learning materials are sexually graphic, historically distorted, and at times expose students to topics that they are not mature enough to handle. Parents need to have the opportunity to be more involved in deciding what is appropriate for their children."

You can read her full platform by clicking here