MATBUS set to celebrate earth week

Photo by: MATBUS
Photo by: MATBUS

(Fargo, ND) -- MATBUS is inviting the community to celebrate Earth Week April 18th-23rd and encourages individuals to participate in the Get Your "Can" on the Bus promotion.

The public transportation entity says it is inviting people to ride for free by donating one aluminum can on-board fixed route vehicles. Proceeds from the recycling of collected cans will be donated to the Homeward Animal Shelter. This promotion is not valid on MAT Para transit.

"Public transportation plays an integral role in protecting our environment," said Moorhead Assistant Transit Planner and Marketing Specialist Taaren Haak. "Did you know that one MATBUS bus full of people removes up to 50 cars from the road? That’s a line of cars approximately four city blocks long. Riding public transportation instead of using a personal vehicle is one of the most effective ways for citizens to reduce their individual carbon footprints."

Community Events for the week include:

  • Party for the Planet: April 23 at the Red River Zoo from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m.
  • Get Your ‘Can’ on the Bus: April 18-23

For more information on Earth Week related activities and details about MATBUS, click here.