Fargo Mayoral candidate Hukun Dabar: "I am the alternate in upcoming election"

Photo by: Hukun Dabar for Mayor - Facebook
Photo by: Hukun Dabar for Mayor - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- One of the seven Fargo Mayoral candidates says he is the clear alternate ahead of the June 2022 election.

Businessman Hukun Dabar told WDAY Midday that his experience with working with the people in the city, and no political background make him stand out amongst the record-setting number of options.

"It's not visible, the relationship between the county, city, departments and people in Fargo," said Dabar. "We need to be able to sit down and unify the people and government. I can do that."

Dabar is running on the platform of connecting more people with jobs, something he has specialized in across the region for the last eight years.

"The current mayor talks about smart growth, we're not seeing that. We need a change in city hall."

Hukun also talked about moving off of special assessments, and keeping the current form of City Commission government intact, as opposed to a ward system.

You can find out more about Hukun, and is candidacy for Mayor here. For all your June 2022 election information, click here.

Original Air Date: 
Friday, April 15, 2022