Lyn Telford speaks on her goals as a Fargo School Board candidate, collaboration, and prioritizing efforts to tackle mental health crisis

Courtesy of: Lyn Telford Facebook Page
Courtesy of: Lyn Telford Facebook Page

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo School Board Candidate Lyn Telford is attempting to secure of of the five open seats on the Fargo School Board. 

Telford joined WDAY Midday to talk about her candidacy for the school board. Telford is the vice-chair of the Fargo Board of Health, a registered Nurse in Sanford Health, and is a parent of two kids within the district. She says all of these experiences will help her make the hard decisions, if she becomes a school board member.

"How do we make sure that our schools are resourced appropriately to meet the needs of our students, which engage them in their learning, make sure they are taken care of when they are at school and at home, provide a better learning environment for other students / a better teaching environment for our educators... "said Telford, "That's one of my primary focuses."

Lyn Telford is joined by 14 other candidates attempting to fill five positions in the upcoming June election. She says her experience on with the board of health gives her insights few other candidates can speak to.

"I have previous experience with the board of health, which has given me insight with the operations of a board and the oversight structure." said Telford, "The work that I do at Sanford, I work with accreditations and certifications and so I do a lot of policy oversight - process improvement work. All things that I think can supplement the work of the board."

You can learn more about Lyn Telford by clicking here. For your June 2022 election information, click here

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, May 4, 2022