Fargo School Board member Robin Nelson talks focus on education, pillars of re-election campaign

Photo by: Robin Nelson - Facebook
Photo by: Robin Nelson - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- One of the longest tenured Fargo School Board candidates is running for re-election again this coming June, and is continuing her focus on the education of students as the key pillar of her campaign.

Incumbent Robin Nelson, who has served four overall terms on the school board, says especially as we move past the pandemic-centered education phase in the area, a strong focus needs to persist on what kids are learning, and how they're learning it.

"Student education has always been my focus in all my years I've dedicated to this profession," said Nelson on WDAY Midday. "I think things like the upcoming legislative session will be crucial when we talk about how we continue to evolve in educating our kids, as well as how we fund education from the state level."

Nelson also says a key for the future of Fargo Schools will be paying and retaining educational talent, that being teachers.

"How do we compete with others and pay our educators competitively and not only that but fairly for the work that they do," said Nelson, who added when it comes to available tax dollars many in the community are spent and can't afford to take on more of a burden in their checkbook.

She also says frustration has built on her end due to the pandemic causing public education being used as 'political football'.

"I think everything became exacerbated during COVID," said Nelson. "Not only COVID, but now public education has been thrust into the national level and quite frankly is being used as something to keep voters engaged and I've used the term agitated."

Nelson says the narrative needs to be switched back to focus on the education of students and their best interests, instead of heated shouting matches within school boards and board meetings. While she does know disagreements take place, decorum is something Nelson says is important because of the image it portrays to students and potential teachers who are considering moving into the district to learn and teach.

You can find out more about Robin's re-election campaign, as well as all your June 2022 election information by clicking here.

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Friday, May 13, 2022