Fargo Park Board member Joe Deutsch talks re-election bid, major projects

Photo by: Fargo Parks District
Photo by: Fargo Parks District

(Fargo, ND) -- There are three upcoming openings on the Fargo Park Board, and one of the incumbents is touting his experience and tenure on it, as well as the major projects he has helped begin, as key reasons he deserves another term.

Joe Deutsch says though he's worked for over a decade and a half with the park district, he still feels like there is unfinished business to attend to in the coming years.

"I just really felt like it was important to see these major, major projects through," said Deutsch while on WDAY Midday, referring to the Island Park restoration project and the new South Fargo Sports Complex. "We've done a lot of leg work up to this point, and I think it's very important we follow through with it and make the community happy, because at the end of the day they are the owners of the Park District."

Deutsch says the groundbreaking of the Sports Complex has been one of his shining moments as a member of the board, and is hoping for more of those as work continues to keep improving the parks in Fargo.

As for the Island Park project, Deutsch says while several community meetings have taken place, there are no concrete decisions on what will officially happen yet in what he calls one of the staples in the community.

"Island Park truly is in the heart of Fargo," said Deutsch. "I'm really appreciative of the history lesson I've been getting on it, and it's evident how much everyone cares about it. It makes us want to make sure we take into account everyone's input as the decision making process continues."

Deutsch also noted the size of the park district's footprint in Fargo, and that while the door is always open to accessibility talks and changes, he feels the board has addressed some of those concerns with an all-inclusive park at Lindenwood.

You can find out more about Joe's campaign for re-election to the Park Board, and all the latest information on the June 2022 election by clicking here.

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Friday, May 13, 2022