Fargo School Board member Brian Nelson touts experience, focus on teachers in re-election bid

Photo by: Brian Nelson - Facebook
Photo by: Brian Nelson - Facebook

(Fargo, ND) -- Experience is a key factor in one Fargo School Board member's run at re-election this coming June.

Incumbent Brian Nelson says his 34 plus years of experience in education helps him stand out in the crowded field to fill five Fargo School Board positions in the June 14th election.

"With my knowledge of all the things I've come across over the 34 years in public schools, I feel like I can continue to add to make good decisions for our kids so they can get a good education," said Nelson while speaking on WDAY Midday.

Nelson, who is also the Superintendent of Fairmount Public School and Rosholt Public School in South Dakota, says creating a better working environment in and out of the classroom for teachers is one of the major goals he has if re-elected. Nelson also believes in the work the school board did during the pandemic, and is hoping to keep improving on testing and children's education following a tough number of years where everyone in the district felt the force of COVID-19.

The current school board member did take some issue however with the recent endorsements given by the Fargo Education Association.

"I would have thought with all my experience, plus working on the most recent negotiating team for the two-year contract, that I would've been a good choice," said Nelson. "They chose to endorse five candidates with no experience. I was shocked." Nelson did add however that the endorsement is not the be all end all, and is still ready to work with the union in the future if re-elected.

Another thing Nelson says he has treasured during his time with the board is his relationship with Superintendent Dr. Rupak Gandhi.

"He is truly a very bright, smart and intelligent man and I very much appreciate all our conversations and the insight he gives," said Nelson. "He stands out in the crowd when superintendents from across the state and region meet, and with good reason. We're in good hands with him as Superintendent."

To find out more information about Brian's campaign for re-election to the school board, and a full guide to the upcoming June 2022 election, click here.

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Friday, May 13, 2022