Fargo City Commission candidate Phillip Deery running for the every man this June

Photo by: City of Fargo
Photo by: City of Fargo

(Fargo, ND) -- The Fargo City Commission race in the upcoming June 2022 election features a record number of candidates, and one is truly out-of-the-box and running for the 'every-man'.

Phillip Deery, who is currently homeless in the city, says he knows where his focus lays in the upcoming election.

"Property taxes and tax incentives are big topics, but I'm more concerned about affordable housing, affordable transportation, affordable childcare, homelessness and mental health," said Deery while speaking on WDAY Midday.

When speaking about his current status, Deery added that he can't stay at some locations anymore due to certain issues taking place, and is still trying to find work. He says while some services in the city are great, like the salvation army, more light needs to be shined on how the homeless are treated, and the mental health side of the equation that got some of them to this point.

"It shouldn't be something that costs anything," said Deery while discussing access to therapy for mental health. "That is something that should be readily available for everyone, no matter the situation."

Deery says his run for the city commission was sparked by the mindset of 'why not', in that anyone can truly run for a key role in the city if their intentions are pure and they want to do better for their fellow residents.

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Original Air Date: 
Monday, May 16, 2022