"My platform is for working families" : Fargo City Commission Candidate Matuor Alier

Photo by: Ryley Anne
Photo by: Ryley Anne

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo City Commission Candidate Matuor Alier joined WDAY Midday to talk about his campaign in the midst of election season.

"My platform is just for working families, "said Alier, "How we can have better wages, how we can have affordable rent and how can we get rid of special assessments. That's why I got into the race."

Alier says the details of homeowner and renter policies come in two forms. Matuor is pushing to remove special assessments, and is looking for other options. "I think there is a better way... Special assessment is not the only way cities build infrastructure across the world. There are better systems than that."

He also is looking to implement a "Rent Registry", a tool which monitors rent increases over multiple years, in an attempt to cap increases each year. "So if you are going to increase your rent... we need to know where you are coming up with these costs... I'll fight against skyrocketing rent costs."

You can learn more about Matuor Alier by clicking here

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, May 25, 2022