West Fargo School Board candidate Cole Davidson targeting policies on behavior, transgenderism in campaign

Photo by: Cole Davidson for WFPS School Board - Facebook
Photo by: Cole Davidson for WFPS School Board - Facebook

(West Fargo, ND) -- In his first run for a public office, one of the West Fargo School Board candidates is honing in on some unsettling trends he's noticed in the District as main reasons to throw his hat in the ring in the upcoming election.

Parent and former Higher Education Professional Cole Davidson says one of those key issues has been the rumblings of the school district's transgenderism policy currently in place.

"We're talking about social and political ideologies that are being promoted in schools they’re being foisted upon her children right," said Davidson. "Most of the teachers I talk to, the other parents that I know, the residents in my neighborhood, they’re not even aware that some of these things are happening in West Fargo." Davidson says he wants to do away with a district policy that he says prevents district counselors from notifying parents if a student tells a counselor they're receiving gender reassignment therapy. He added that parents need to be informed on what is going on medically with their children.

"No matter where you stand on the on the transgender ideology, or on the transgender issue, parents should be the primary stakeholders in the children’s education," said the father of three who attend West Fargo Schools. "Schools should not be allowed to withhold any information about my minor child from me."

Davidson also says he wants to focus in on behavioral issues inside the district, in that he's had numerous conversations with several teachers and parents about misbehavior being almost allowed and forgotten, mainly in elementary level classrooms. This is something he says cannot fly if the district wants to keep and retain teachers moving into the future.

Communication with parents in the District has also been a topic of conversation, and while Davidson says most decisions the board has made during his time living in West Fargo have been well executed, he did note that streaming board meetings, and posting them in full afterward would be a simple step to help parents see more into how and why decisions are being made that are effecting their children.

You can find out more information on Cole's campaign, as well as all your June 2022 election information by clicking here.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2022