Fargo Mayoral candidate Hukun Dabar says change is coming as election winds down

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Fargo, ND) -- Just days away from one of the biggest of his life, one of the candidates for Fargo Mayor is confident his approach to the race will yield positive results.

Local businessman, entrepreneur and non-profit leader Hukun Dabar says he's been thrilled with his campaign to this point, citing door-knocking all around the city with plenty of positive feedback. Dabar tells WDAY Radio many of the people he's talked with haven't had another candidate for Mayor knock on their door, and that because of the effort they'd vote for him. Hukun added that going door to door has given him the opportunity to talk about his platform, which is built to aid the Fargo worker, homeowner and renter.

"End the special assessment and implement housing first policy, create workforce department. These are the things that people want to hear," said Dabar while appearing on WDAY Midday's Last Word with Fargo Mayoral candidates series. "They are ready for change and Tuesday I think we're very hopeful about it."

Hukun also mentioned a change in the mass transit plan for the FM Metro. He would hope to bring leadership from all area communities, including Moorhead and West Fargo, to the table to work to build a wide expansion of mass transit to help assist those who need more help in getting to job interviews, and hopefully careers.

Dabar also made a promise to the people of Fargo, mainly when it comes to a change in leadership if elected, in more than just a title or a nameplate on a desk.

"My promise to you is we will end special assessments together. We will create a workforce department at City Hall. We will make sure that we implement a housing first policy," said Dabar. "You know we have issues in downtown right now a lot of homeless people, we got to make sure that we house them and that we don't burden our police and first responders as well. This will help us save money and save lives."

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Original Air Date: 
Friday, June 10, 2022