Tree removal expert shares experiences with Monday storm and signs of high risk trees

Courtesy of: Tyler's Tree Service Image Gallery
Courtesy of: Tyler's Tree Service Image Gallery

(Fargo, ND) -- Following Monday's high wind storm, one local expert is sharing what tree owners should look out for to determine the tree's likelihood to stand up to stressful events.

Tyler from Tyler's Tree Service joined WDAY Midday to talk about Monday's storm, saying he is "blessed with opportunities" following the incident.

"There's really no consistency, "said Tyler, " There are trees that should have failed that didn't and there are trees that you would think wouldn't fail that did. I think the consensus is that any tree can fail at just about any time. On the same note, there's things we can be aware of."

Tyler says there are multiple ways to tell if a tree is likely to fall during a high stress event, like if it bends too far in a single direction and if the bend is changing rapidly from year-to-year. He says one method rarely fails him.

"A sure tell sign is the presence of mushrooms, "said Tyler, "That is a sign of decay. If it's lower in the trunk, that is where the highest risk of that tree failing would be, because that is an important strength point for the tree to support itself."

 Tyler says awareness of tree health is important and patience in tree's response to your treatments are important ways to ensure your tree stays standing. You can learn more by clicking here

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Wednesday, June 22, 2022