Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford touts North Dakota's ag advantages after visiting Iowa

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Lieutenant Governor Brent Sanford is talking about differences between the agriculture industry in North Dakota compared to the industry in Iowa.

"They aren't talking about the things that we are talking about. They don't talk about the value added agriculture as much. It was like what we found where the excellence in growing the commodities and growing the crops," said Sanford.   

Sanford made the observation after attending the Iowa Farm Progress Show over the weekend. While there, the Lieutenant Governor met with several other Lieutenant Governors from other Midwestern states and also dined with Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds. Sanford discussed his trip while appearing on "What's on your Mind" on AM 1100 The Flag. 

Sanford also said North Dakota is doing a relatively better job than Iowa at working toward solutions for pressing issues in agriculture.

"They're concerned about lack of propane, they're concerned about high prices on fertilizer. You know, so similar concerns as we have and we are probably closer to solutions on those things," said Sanford.

The Lieutenant Governor also commented on harvesting now taking place in North Dakota.

"Just driving through western North Dakota the last couple of weeks I mean there is some tremendous wheat being harvested. The corn looks good," said Sanford.