Moorhead School Board Candidate Ken Lucier voices strong opposition to outside influences affecting local decisions

 Courtesy: KLN for Moorhead School Board
Courtesy: KLN for Moorhead School Board

(Moorhead, MN) -- One school board candidate is looking to keep decisions local and find ways to limit influence from both the state of Minnesota and Washington D.C.

Ken Lucier is a Moorhead School Board candidate running in the November election. He says policies currently in place are slowly eating away at parental choice within Moorhead schools.

"We feel very strongly that the school district policies have been wrested away slowly but surely away from the people in the district, from the parents and staff, from the stakeholders within the district, taken away and given to people external to the district, "said Lucier, "One of the problems is we've given too much control to people that really aren't stakeholders in our district."

Lucier also is taking a stand against what he calls improper uses of the words "diversity" and "equity". The candidate says the terms are being used in the wrong ways, and are being used in to exclude individuals.

"Instead of being inclusive, it becomes divisive, "said Lucier, "Diversity becomes divisive because you are pin-pointed as a member of this group, or a member of that group, or a member of another group, instead of all working together. We're Americans, we aren't inherently good or inherently bad because of the culture we grew up in or our grandparents grew up in."

Lucier is running to become a member of the Moorhead School Board in the upcoming November election. You can learn more about elections in Moorhead by clicking here

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Tuesday, September 20, 2022