"I feel called by God": Moorhead School Board Candidate Nikki Pollock urges for increased parental involvement

Courtesy: Minnesotaparents.org
Courtesy: Minnesotaparents.org

(Moorhead, MN) -- A Moorhead School Board Candidate says she is running with both God and parental rights in mind for the upcoming November General Election.

Nikki Pollock is a Moorhead School Board Candidate who is looking to fill one of the three open seats in the upcoming election. She joined WDAY Midday to share her message and reasoning behind why she is joining the race.

"I feel called by God, my lord and savior, I feel this is something that he is wanting me to do, "said Pollock, "Hard to say no to that."

Pollock shared support for more direct parent and teacher involvement, addressing Critical Race Theory concerns, and investigating the causes of low test scores within the district cited in the 2020-2021 district report. On the topic of parental involvement and improving test scores, she says the combination of the two will bring improvements.

"Teachers can't do it all alone, they need the help of the parents, "said Pollock, "When the children go home, they need the parents to be able to help them with their homework, and the teachers can't do everything by themselves, they really need more parental involvement in the daily activities of what's going on in the school. That simple fact along would give more positive test scores."

Nikki Pollock is running to become a member of Moorhead's School Board in the upcoming General Election this November. You can learn about voting in Moorhead by clicking here

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022