Cass County State's Attorney Candidate Kim Hegvik looks to highlight "Smart on Crime" policies if elected

Courtesy: Kim Hegvik fpr Cass County State's Attorney Facebook Page
Courtesy: Kim Hegvik fpr Cass County State's Attorney Facebook Page

(Cass County, ND) -- A Cass County State's Attorney Candidate is sharing why she is looking for your vote in the upcoming November 2022 General Election.

Kim Hegvik is one of the two candidates looking to become the Cass County State's Attorney. She joined WDAY Midday to share her philosophy towards prosecuting crimes. Hegvik has 16 years of experience, saying beginning her career with juvenile and drug courts greatly influenced how she will lead the county within the role. She says she will place her effort behind research based decisions, screening tools, risk needs assessments, and what will create long term change in a region.

"Those provided me my foundation for the way that I think about criminal justice, and what will be effective in changing people's behavior long term, "said Hegvik."

The candidate says she worked long and hard with the Department of Transportation to ensure homeless residents can get photo I.D's, working to improve successful re-entry to the workforce outside of incarceration, and was successful in an effort to get Narcan in the hands of every law enforcement agency in the county.

Hegvic says she wants to implement a "smart on crime" policy within the county. The policy would work to keep the people "who need to be in jail" incarcerated, but aim to help those with substance use disorders, mental health concerns, and other underlying issues. 

"We can successfully manage people in the community, we can hold them accountable - but also address those underlying issues, "said Hegvic, "For every dollar the community invests in a drug court, the return is approximately 27 dollars. That's not counting the number as far as restitution they pay back, court fines and fees. How do you place a number on reuniting with their families, getting jobs, getting housing, all these things we know will decrease the risk that they will re-offend at some point."

Kim Hegvik is running to become the Cass County State's Attorney in the upcoming November General Election. You can learn more about voting in North Dakota by clicking here

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Wednesday, October 5, 2022