Fargo candidate for state representative doesn't want "North Dakota to become like Minnesota"

Image by Leeser for North Dakota
Image by Leeser for North Dakota

(Fargo, ND) -- After moving from Moorhead more than 4 years ago, a Fargo man now wants to serve in the North Dakota State Legislature.

"When I moved over here I didn't want North Dakota to become like Minnesota. A freebie here from the government, a freebie there from the government, a regulation here, a regulation there, and we have good government for the most part in North Dakota. Certainly it can be improved, but it's much better than over in Minnesota in my opinion," said Brad Leeser.  

Leeser is a republican candidate running for state representative in Fargo's District 11. The insurance company executive says he stands for freedom, faith, and family, and says if elected he will prioritize "fiscal responsibility", "stewardship of natural resources" and "individual rights and liberty". Leeser says he first began to explore politics during the Ronald Reagan era. Leeser is one of two republicans and two democrats running for 2 seats representing the district. 

Leeser says he moved from north Moorhead because of "taxes and trains". 


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Tuesday, October 11, 2022