Moorhead City Council candidate Eileen Johnson standing with law enforcement, local business outreach in run for Ward 2 seat

Photo by: Eileen Johnson - Facebook
Photo by: Eileen Johnson - Facebook

(Moorhead, MN) -- The challenger for Moorhead's Ward 2 City Council seat is touting her experience in the business community and support from law enforcement are deciding factors in her run for the seat on the upcoming ballot.

Local business owner Eileen Johnson says her main focus is making Moorhead a more 'business friendly' city moving into the future.

"A huge thing is when we opened in 2015, not once has anybody from the City Council or anybody welcomed us to Morehead, thanked us for being a business," said Johnson while appearing on WDAY Midday. She notes little things like making business owners feel welcome can go a long way to keeping them around.

Johnson, who was also endorsed by the Moorhead Police Officer's Union, cited a concern for law enforcement in the city as hiring is still needed. She says finding solutions to give law enforcement more resources, training and the ability to build staffing to levels more acceptable with the uptick in crime and population in the area are key to foster a successful public safety program moving forward in Moorhead.

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Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, October 18, 2022