Fargo father of 2 small children running for state senate to help address childcare crisis

Image by Bjorn Altenburg
Image by Bjorn Altenburg

(Fargo, ND) -- A republican candidate running for the state senate seat in Fargo's District 44 is offering ideas aimed at addressing the state's child care crisis. 

"I think big (a) thing is professional recognition and accreditation for childcare workers is a big thing for them, and one of the things that they generally, a lot of them, a lot of them feel very, and particularly ones who went and got their early childhood education degrees and are working in day cares, feel generally under appreciated," said Bjorn Altenburg.    

Altenburg is a first time candidate and father of two children both under the age of two. He says he can relate to parents who are having a hard time finding childcare. He also says tax breaks and additional funding for childcare operations could also be part of the solution. Altenburg also wants to provide additional support to Head Start.  


Original Air Date: 
Thursday, October 20, 2022