Fargo Police Chief sounds alarm on deadly fentanyl pills: "they're killing a lot of people"

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo Police Chief Dave Ziboslki is talking about deadly Fentanyl pills out on the streets, and where they're coming from. 

"So, it's from China, through Mexico where they are pressed into these fake pill forms, and then they are brought overland for the most part into the U.S. Now they can also come in via the mail," said Zibolski. 

Fargo and Moorhead Police officers, along with the Red River Valley Swat team, recovered more than 7,000 M30 pills, other drugs, weapons, and cash during three different drug busts on October 25th. Four people were arrested. The Chief says the flow of deadly Fentanyl through the southern border would be slowed significantly if the border was better secured. Since 2018, he says 95 people have died in Fargo from overdosing on Fentanyl. Zibolski says nationwide last year, more than 107 thousand people died from overdoses.  

"These Fentanyl pills that are coming in are extremely dangerous. They're killing a lot of people. The biggest thing that would help law enforcement all over the place is securing that border," said Zibolski. 

Zibolski appeared on The Flag's "What's On Your Mind".