Fargo School Board to vote on changes to public speaking portion of meetings

Photo by: Fargo Public School District
Photo by: Fargo Public School District

(Fargo, ND) -- Changes are just a brief discussion and vote away for part of how the Fargo School Board interacts with the public at their meetings.

The board will vote on changes passed down from the Governance Committee over the past number of weeks to policy GP-2E, which controls the board's organization of meetings and rules.

Up for change includes:

  • Speakers during the public input portion of meetings no longer being required to put their address on the sign in sheet (Name and topic would still be required)
  • Board members will no longer be required to answer written requests for a specific response from a speaker at meetings
  • Speakers or attendees of meetings who do not follow rules and policies may be removed

The possible changes come after we at WDAY Radio previously reported on concerns from some parents on changes to the open comment portion of school board meetings. The District has confirmed that the public speaking portion of those meetings will be remaining a part of the normal agenda moving forward, and there was no consideration to remove it at any point.

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