Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney: Planned pedestrian bridge over 2nd Avenue North can't extend to Moorhead

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo Mayor Tim Mahoney says a planned pedestrian bridge over 2nd Avenue North will not extend over the Red River to the City of Moorhead because of funding requirements tied to the federal grant, which will be used to cover most of the anticipated cost of the planned project.  

"So there is a lot of stuff that we are working on that I have talked to Mayor Carlson about, 12th Avenue bridge and Broadway Bridge. It's Commissioner Strand that wants to do a bridge across the river and that has never honestly been discussed with them (City of Moorhead) because that is not what the $3.5 million dollars is for. It's not for a bridge across to Moorhead," said Mahoney.   

Mahoney says the $3.5 million in federal funds the city has already received is designated only for a walkway from the steps of city hall to the green belt along the Red River, just east of the flood wall.  

Mahoney was questioned about the pedestrian bridge project by WDAY News Direcotr Kyle Cornell while appearing on WDAY Mid Day.  

Original Air Date: 
Tuesday, December 13, 2022