Fargo commissioner concerned about patron monitoring at planned self-serve bar at mall

(Fargo, ND) -- Fargo City Commissioner Dave Piepkorn is talking about the plan to open a self-serve bar at the West Acres Mall. 

"It's a new concept. They are in existence around the country, and the concept is you basically, you know, you pay a fee up front and there is a person there, but basically you serve yourself. So you can buy, and it's basically different types of craft beer and so the concept is good," said Piepkorn. 

Piepkorn says the Liquor Control Board has concerns with regard to staffing at Crafty Taps. He says only one server would not be enough to adequately monitor patron consumption levels. The board is meeting next week to discuss the issue further. Piepkorn says they want to "get things in writing" with the operators of Crafty Taps to make sure their concerns are addressed.