Patient "frustrated and disappointed" after her record and hundreds of others found in Fargo dumpster

(Fargo, ND) -- A Fargo area woman is speaking out after her patient record and hundreds of others like it were found in a dumpster on University Drive. 

The records and other documents appear to have come from the office of West Fargo Optometrist Dr. Gregory Dye.

WDAY News First recently recovered the documents after receiving a tip from a concerned citizen, who says she noticed the records and other files while walking by the dumpster.   

WDAY News First has called some of the patients whose names appear on the records to tell them about the discovery and to request comment.  

"Well I think it's extremely negligent. I mean you're putting your patients at risk no matter how big or small stuff are being exposed, like there are standards within healthcare that need to be followed and the fact that somebody is not following that is you know a big red flag to other things that may not be correct practice within their establishment. You know people who have no regards to doing something like that you know should definitely be held accountable," said Dr. Dye's former patient Jackie Pack.   

Since recovering the documents, WDAY News First has called and emailed Dr. Dye's office requesting comment.

Dye has not yet responded.

We've also been in contact with the Attorney General's office and the North Dakota State Board of Optometry regarding the case.

"Providing the name of the licensee could be enough to allow the Board an opportunity to take appropriate next steps," said David Schaibley, the state attorney representing the board.

Schaibley also indicated the board may make arrangements to take possession of the patient records and other documents recovered from the dumpster.

"I think the best way to describe it would be frustrated and disappointed. I'm disappointed that somebody who would have years of experience in this field from my understanding to just blatantly not care for what could be put out there and for what people could find to use to harm other people's lives. Then frustrated that it just, that people are okay with doing things like that. Like I just don't think that as a good-hearted person that should ever be okay," said Pack.  

Original Air Date: 
Friday, February 24, 2023