NDHP cruiser hit on I-29 near Argusville

Photo by: North Dakota Highway Patrol
Photo by: North Dakota Highway Patrol

(Argusville, ND) -- No injuries were reported after a North Dakota Highway Patrol car was hit on I-29 near Argusville Thursday evening.

The NDHP tells WDAY Radio that at approximately 6:47 p.m, a patrol vehicle was struck southbound on I-29 near mile marker 77 while providing traffic control for a tow truck that was towing a vehicle from the median.

The patrol vehicle was parked blocking lane one of southbound I-29 to move traffic right, away from the tow truck and with its emergency lights flashing. While the patrol car was parked, two vehicles approached side by side with both failing to yield.

A Ford Explorer was in lane one and failed to move over for the patrol car. The driver of the Ford then braked and lost control. The Ford struck the rear of the patrol and entered the median. The patrol vehicle then spun on the road and came to rest across the southbound lanes of I-29.

The Cass County Sheriffs’ Office is investigating the crash involving the patrol cruiser and the Ford Explorer. Two NDHP troopers were in the vehicle at the time of the crash and were wearing their seatbelts.

Two additional crashes occurred at the location after the patrol car was struck and one commercial motor vehicle drove into the ditch. Four other vehicles in all spun out and entered the ditch, nearly striking the other patrol vehicles and tow truck on scene.

The NDHP does say that snow and blowing snow were present at the time of the crash and the roads were ice covered. All motorists involved were traveling too fast for conditions.