West Fargo Public Schools announces remote learning for Tuesday and Wednesday

(Fargo, ND) -- A spokesperson with West Fargo Public Schools has announced that Tuesday and Wednesday will be remote learning days because of the incoming storm.

This means that learners will not come to school for classes on either Tuesday or Wednesday but will remain at home and join their classes virtually.

Teachers will be expected to work from home and instruction will occur virtually for all learners.

Elementary learners will follow their established inclement weather schedules; their day will begin at 9:00AM on Teams.

Secondary learners will follow a newly adjusted inclement weather schedule; their day will begin at 10:00AM for middle school and 10:30AM for high school, both on Teams.  

If a child receives special education services as indicated on an IEP, the child’s case manager will connect with parents regarding how they can access their IEP goal work from home.