After leaving Minneapolis, Horace healthcare company receives angel fund investment from State of North Dakota

(Fargo, ND) -- A healthcare company headquartered in Horace is getting a boost from the State of North Dakota in bringing its product to market. 

"It's really kind of revolutionizing the way physical therapy is delivered, and really providing that extra comfort for the patient, by having the PT virtually in their home helping them on their journey," said Theratec CEO Tony Hyk.

Hyk says his company offers monitoring devices and a cloud-based platform to allow healthcare providers to remotely deliver physical therapy. 

The company has just been announced as a recipient of funding from North Dakota's Angel Match Program. 

The state funding can total up to 250 thousand dollars.  

The company recently relocated its headquarters from Minneapolis to Horace, with Hyk citing a more desirable tax and business climate. 

While speaking with WDAY News First, Hyk was asked what letter grade he would give Minnesota when it comes to the business environment. 

"Maybe a few years ago a D. Now I'd say it's definitely an F. It keeps, not to throw too many stones, but it keeps getting worse," said Hyk.   


Original Air Date: 
Thursday, April 6, 2023