Former ND House Speaker: District Executive Committee will fill vacancy left by Larsen's passing

(Fargo, ND) – With the death of Sen. Doug Larsen on Sunday night, a vacancy will be created in the North Dakota State Senate.

According to former Speaker of the North Dakota State House, Kim Koppelman, the North Dakota law explains the process in which a vacancy is filled.

“Under ND law, a legislative vacancy is filled by the district executive committee from which that legislator came, whether Republican or Democrat,” Koppelman said.  “Following Sen. Larsen’s tragic death, the local Republican district will appoint a successor until the next election, at which time a successor will be elected.”

Larsen had served in the North Dakota State Senate since 2021.

WDAY Radio has reached out to District 34 Republican Chairman Cody Schulz for more information about the process the District will use to fill the vacancy.