Trump: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum would "be very good at" serving as Vice President

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum reacted today after former President Donald Trump said Burgum would be "very good at" serving as a Vice President. 

"I trust President Trump. He'll make a great decision for his V.P. choice at the time of his choosing. He'll have a lot of great people to choose from, the same for cabinet positions. There are so many people that want to serve in this administration and get this country turned around. I that he'll do that," said the governor. 

Trump made the comments about Burgum during an exclusive interview this morning with Scott Hennen on The Flag's "What's on Your Mind. 

Burgum also appeared on The Flag after Trump, and said "he's happy to be included on the list" of potential running mates. 

Trump said he is not yet ready to announce his selection.