Putin Calls Biden Summit Constructive; No Hostility

(Geneva)  --  Russian President Vladimir Putin claims there was no hostility in his Geneva summit with President Biden and he called the talks very constructive.  Putin told reporters he and Biden agreed to return U.S. and Russian ambassadors to their posts in Moscow and Washington, DC.  Putin was pressed about cyber attacks and insisted most come from the U.S.  He said he and Biden agreed to talk more about cyber security.  Putin said the two sides also agreed to continue talks on nuclear security.  

Putin sidestepped the issue of human rights abuses in Russia and questioned America's human rights record, along with violent crime in the U.S.  Putin responded to a question about Russia's crackdown on dissidents and said many have called for "mass disorder" in his country.  He also labeled them "domestic terrorists."  Putin pointed to the January 6th attack on the U.S. Capitol and the hundreds of arrests that have been made since then.  The Russian president did not make an opening statement and went right to questions from reporters.