Jackson Again Defends Record In Sex Crimes Sentencing

(Washington, DC)  --  Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson is again vigorously defending her sentencing record in cases involving sex crimes.  Testifying in her Senate confirmation hearing, the federal judge insisted she has imposed tough sentences within the parameters of federal laws that have been approved by Congress.  There was a long, tense back-and-forth session with Senator Lindsey Graham.  The South Carolina Republican cut off Jackson several times as she responded to his questions.

Illinois Democrat Richard Durbin called Graham's behavior "reprehensible" and an angry Graham walked out of the hearing.  Durbin chairs the Judiciary Committee and said Congress needs to upgrade sentencing guidelines for sex crimes.  Meantime, Missouri Republican Josh Hawley pressed Jackson about a light sentence she imposed in a child porn case.  She said she regrets that the confirmation hearing has focused on a "small subset" of her sentencing decisions and not the body of her work.