Senators Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven share criticisms of newest EPA ruling

(Bismarck, ND) -- Senators Kevin Cramer and John Hoeven are not happy about the Environmental Protection Agency's ruling to expand methane regulations.  

Over the weekend Cramer said the Biden administration has piled another massive regulatory burden designed to encumber or even shut down American energy production. Cramer says he warned that the EPA was overstepping its authority with third party enforcement. The senator has asked EPA Administrators to engage with energy producers and the states that would bear the brunt of the new regulations.  

"I led all of my Republican colleagues on EPW in warning the EPA its proposal oversteps their authority with third-party enforcement, disregards foundational principles of the Clean Air Act, establishes duplicative well-plugging requirements, and forces new burdens on small, independent producers," said Cramer in a statement.

Senator Hoeven released a similar statement following the EPA ruling, "Instead of unleashing more domestic energy production, the Biden administration continues to put the handcuffs on our producers through burdensome and duplicative regulations,” said Hoeven. “This EPA rule will drive up energy costs for consumers and increase U.S. reliance on energy imports, including from adversarial foreign nations with little to no regard for environmental or labor standards."

The EPA announced the ruling at COP28 in Dubai on Saturday. The ruling aims to "sharply reduce methane sharply reduce methane and other harmful air pollutants from the oil and natural gas industry, including from hundreds of thousands of existing sources nationwide, promote the use of cutting-edge methane detection technologies, and deliver significant economic and public health benefits," according to a statement made by the EPA . 

The ruling aims to phase in requirements to stop routine flaring of natural gas from new oil wells, require monitoring for potential methane leaks, and put forward standards in high-emitting equipment. 

"We’ve crafted these technology standards to advance American innovation and account for the industry’s leadership in accelerating methane technology. Thanks to robust public feedback and engagement with states, Tribes, companies, and organizations, we are finalizing this historic action to reduce climate pollution, protecting people and the planet," said EPA Administrator Michael S. Regan

You can read the ruling made by the EPA by clicking here