Cramer says he's cautious about potential border bill

(Washington, DC) —  North Dakota Senator Kevin Cramer says he’s cautious about the the border bill that’s being floated around.

“People are understandably suspicious, maybe even skeptical,” he said. “All of it understandable.”

While the text of the legislation has not been released, Cramer said the concepts “have been widely and appropriately distributed.” He said what’s missing is the details, and there is no definite timeline as to the release of the bill.

The timing of its release is important, however.

“Even the best intentions can be messed up by one word in the wrong place that flips everything 180 degrees from what the intentions are,” Senator Cramer said. “That’s why it’s so critical to get it done right. But it’s also why it’s critical that it not be moved quickly once it is published.”

Cramer said once the final draft is released, it will be shared with the public.

He made the comments on The Flag’s What’s On Your Mind radio program on Friday.

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