Burgum: "This state will flourish under President Trump again"

(Fargo, ND) -- North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum, speaking on behalf of Presidential candidate Donald Trump, says nights like caucus night aren't the only important night.

"People have to show up, not only just tonight, but they have to show up in November to make sure that we can beat Joe Biden," he told those gathered for the caucus statewide.

Burgum touched on the differences between the Biden and Trump Administrations, pointing specifically to the energy industries under the two.

"I can tell you it is night and day, it's black and white, you pick something," he said. "It is 180 degrees in a different direction, because Joe Biden, and his administration, they want to kill liquid fuels."

He says North Dakota is better positioned if under a Trump Administration.

"This state will flourish under President Trump again," Burgum said. "And I'm not sure the state of North Dakota can make it through four more years of Joe Biden."