Effort to establish term limits in North Dakota submits 46,000 signatures

Courtesy of: North Dakota for Term Limits
Courtesy of: North Dakota for Term Limits

(Bismarck, ND) -- North Dakota officials are verifying 46,000 signatures calling for term limits to be placed on state lawmakers and future governors. 

The signatures were submitted by a group named North Dakota for Term Limits. They are looking to place the measure on the November 2022 ballot for North Dakota residents. The measure would place an 8 year cap, or two-term limit, on future governors, state house, and state senators. 

Term limits would not be retroactive - meaning service of current officeholders would not count against them. The measure also would bar the legislature from proposing amendments to altar or repeal the term limits; placing the onus on citizens to change it via future measures. 

“It’s about the principle of term limits,” said Jared Hendrix, the North Dakota Term limits Chair. “It’s a long-term structural change. Polling data we have shows that this is a popular issue across the political spectrum.”

If the measure passes, North Dakota would be the 36th state to set term limits on its governor and 16th to implement limits on legislative terms. You can read more about the measure from North Dakota for Term Limits web site by clicking here