North Dakota Blizzard recap: How much snow fell where, damage done across state

Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff
Photo by: WDAY Radio Staff

(Bismarck, ND) -- A blizzard warning across most of North Dakota has been canceled after several inches of snow fell across the state Tuesday night through Thursday.

Snow continues to fall throughout most of the state and is expected to last into Friday, with conditions gradually improving. Places like Grand Forks haven't declared a snow emergency, with main roads already cleared.

As a result, the North Dakota Department of Transportation is deploying all 350 of its plows as snow continues to fall across the state. Only Bismarck, Minot, and Fargo have overnight plows, so snow removal was limited Wednesday night. NDDOT officials say people should avoid unnecessary travel, and to give plows room when driving. They also recommend having a safety kit in every vehicle in case one gets stranded. You can find the latest report on roadways across the state by clicking here.

When it comes to snowfall totals, Bismarck got ten inches of snow Tuesday, breaking the city's April 12th record by seven inches. New England had a snowfall total of 16 inches, while 20 fell in Glen Ullin, 21 in Minot, 22 in Grassy Butte, 23-and-a-half in Dickinson, and 24 in Glenburn. An official with the National Weather Service's Bismarck office says snow of this magnitude in April is unusual.  

 North Dakota ranchers are also checking their herds to see if they've lost any cattle or calves in the storm. Some say they've lost livestock due to the weather. Ranchers across the state are hoping the worst has passed as they protect their animals with shelters and feed extra hay. The North Dakota Stockmen's Association hasn't received any official reports of lost livestock. 

And Minot State University's air-supported dome is damaged after the blizzard conditions slammed the state. The school's Director of Athletics says not much could have been done to stop the damage to the dome, known as the Bubble. The Bubble is currently hosting spring football practices, but softball games scheduled for this weekend have been canceled because of the weather.  A school spokesperson says the damage will be assessed after the storm clears.