Updated: 18% of Minnesotans who applied for "Hero Pay" checks will not receive them

Courtesy: Minnesota Government
Courtesy: Minnesota Government

(Update: 1:12 p.m) -- Updated information can be found below

(Minneapolis, MN) --  Roughly 18% of people who applied won't be getting a hero pay check from the state of Minnesota.

Minnesota's Department of Labor yesterday denied nearly 215 thousand applications for checks for people who worked during the worst of the coronavirus. The state says most of the rejected requests were because people didn't fill-out the forms properly, but people were also told 'No' because they maxed-out their unemployment benefits or simply didn't qualify.

Over 985 thousand people will be getting a check. The Department of Labor says those checks should be about 500 dollars.  The state does not know how much each applicant will receive until each appeal has been processed. Money dedicated to Frontline Worker Pay will be evenly distributed to eligible frontline workers once the application is fully approved. 

Payments are expected to be delivered in the fall of 2022.