MN GOP Gubernatorial Running Mate: Walz is outspending us 10 to 1, and they'll need every penny

Courtesy: Matt Birk's Facebook Page
Courtesy: Matt Birk's Facebook Page

(Minneapolis, MN) --  The running mate for Minnesota Gubenetorial Candidate Scott Jensen joined The Flag's What's On Your Mind Program to speak about how the campaign is going so far. 

Matt Birk is running alongside Dr. Jenson to oust current Minnesota Governor Tim Walz. Birk is criticizing current leadership, saying Walz has underperformed and hurt Minnesotans.

"How long can we have schools that are declining, "said Birk, "How long can we have streets that are less safe? How long can we have a sluggish economy, due to the fact that we overburden people with taxes and regulations?"

 Birk says their race does not have the same amount of funds that Walz's campaign does, but he says the deficit does not affect his enthusiasm.

"[These are] the cards we've been dealt, "said Birk,"They are going to outspend us ten to one, and they are going to need every penny to have a chance... We are definitely outworking them."

Birk says both he and Dr. Jenson have been at the Minnesota State Fair "every single day" to meet potential voters. You can learn more about Dr. Scott Jensen by clicking here

Original Air Date: 
Wednesday, August 31, 2022